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Community based real Feedback & Reviews, uncensored and made by genuine customers.

What We Do

The Trust People

We are here to help great companies shine and help you find great companies. Our feedback service allows customers like you to submit details of what you thought about your experience and our reviews let you report on the product or service, both help future customers make better decisions and for the company to ensure they meet & exceed customers expectations.

How It Works

About a week after your purchase, we will send you an email or SMS requesting feedback and depending on the company a review of the products you purchased. Simply click on the link and leave your feedback. If you are feeling particularly helpful you can add video or photos. It’s very simple. We display all feedback we receive and don’t edit it (see our policy).

Why Choose Trustr

Real Feedback

We collect real honest feedback from companies, we display it without editing or censoring to help consumers make the right decisions.


The feedback is used to generate a rating, based on 5 stars it shows how a company delivers on it’s customer’s expectations.


We collect reviews on products and services. Allowing consumers to get a clearer idea on how real people have found that product.

Why you can Trust Us?

We want to promote good and ethical businesses. It’s difficult to stand out, especially for small businesses and this is why we are here to help. We help customers help other people to find good and honest businesses (as well as exciting products & services). We know the route to a sustainable business is through good service, good products and consistency, we promote that to other businesses and it is who we are ourselves.

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