Fake reviews can be damaging

Fake reviews, how to deal with Fakery

Unfortunately headlines about fake news, post-truth, spamming social media and other such are increasingly common these days, but will you become a target for the commercial equivalent fake reviews?.

Lies, damn lies and Social Media

The purpose of fake news and fake reviews is to manipulate people, as the saying goes throw enough mud and some of it will stick. And the use of fakes is rising. Take as an example the presidential debates during the 2016 election in the US, Philip Howard of the University of Oxford stated that 1 out of 4 tweets on Twitter were created and posted by bots, programs which run automated scripts over the internet. These were not people sharing their opinions these were a planned effort to form people’s opinions.

Fake reviews are like mud thrown on a wall
Throw mud and some of it sticks

Fake Reviews

But manipulation of people does not end at politics though, it has entered commerce. Sabotaging rivals has a long history. Like the British Airways “Dirty Tricks” campaign aimed at Virgin Atlantic. Sabotaging your rivals has never before been as easy, or to blackmail companies into giving away freebies. There are many ways to leave reviews which are entirely open. No checks are made to see if negative feedback is left by a rival, or if family members are leaving lots of positive feedback.

Many tech companies are putting huge resources into trying to stop face news and fake reviews since fakery damages trust. But as they are up against two big problems. Firstly, on a small scale it is very difficult to identify fake reviews due to they don’t appear any different. And secondly one side scale trust attacks, as we have seen with Twitter, the designers of the bots are clever and know how to hide their tracks.

How to survive a world of fake reviews

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. A few bad reviews are expected and you can demonstrate who good your customer service is by the response you make.
  • Don’t engage in fakery yourself. Don’t concern yourself with what competitors do, concentrate instead in delighting your customers. Quality wins at the end of the day.
  • Actively engage with your customers to collect feedback & reviews. Make it easy and you will get more responses from the normally silent majority who are quite happy.

Why is trustr different and how we can help?

Firstly trustr is a closed loop where only verified customers can leave feedback. As an alternative to Trustpilot which allows anyone to leave a review. We also prohibit customers from leaving feedback for themselves because we will only deal with companies who act responsibly. We don’t allow feedback or reviews to be censored or edited in any way (see our feedback policy).

trustr is a brand which consumers can trust to avoid fake reviews. trustr can help you build trust into your brand. Use our Trustmark with your seller rating on your website, on your social media. Or on staff clothing anyway which your imagination takes you because of trust sells. We promote great companies. If your run a great company get in touch.