User Generated content from real customers

User Generated Content: 5 Reasons your company should be using it

As the name suggests user generated content (UGC) is text, video, photos or even audio files which are created by visitors to your website. For an increasing number of companies, UGC is a key part of their marketing strategy.

1. Search engines love dynamic user generated content

Firstly search engines want to match searchers with relevant websites. They can evaluate relevance based on content. Authentic content is highly prized as it allows search engines to accurate judge the relevance.

The second aspect of User Generated Content is that it updates frequently. Search engines again take this as a sign of quality. Imagine how useful you would find a site which has not been updated for 4 years? Sites which update frequently will be indexed by the search engines more often. This meaning updates of your site are seen and displayed more quickly.

2. User generated content comes up with new long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those search terms which don’t come up so often but are not as competitive as broad search terms. They tend to be highly specific. The problem is coming up with these keywords.  Hence leveraging your customers who will come up with keywords you will never have thought of is an effective strategy.

3. UGC is more authentic

People are increasingly seeking things which are authentic and look more and more to their family, friends and peers for validation. Thus User Generated Content is considered more trustworthy than standard advertising copy. If you can harness the stories created by your customers as part of your marketing strategy. This is a powerful way to engage with your customers.

As well as companies you would expect to be keen on UGC. Companies diverse as car companies, drinks makers, and house builders are all trying to capture their customer’s stories. The impact can be dramatic. Virgin Holidays saw a 260% increase on the back of implementing UGC. Because a core part of UGC is building trust.

4. It’s all about multichannel

UGC is effective user across communication channels. The primary location should be your own website so you can take the maximum benefit for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but the same content can be syndicated out to your social media, onto photo sharing websites, to your resellers, on your stationary anywhere your imagination suggests. Since the more you spread UCG the better it works for your business.

5. It’s not a new idea

User Generated Content is a modern concept of an older process. It is essentially word of mouth a concept which is as old as humanity. But with modern technology the effect can be amplified to a global scale. Word of mouth from someone you trust is still the most persuasive and effective marketing tool. Positive reviews from authentic, verified consumer is also an effective marketing tool. So make the best use of UCG. Ask your customers for it. Most importantly use it. Because if you don’t your competitors will.


trustr was built for capturing user generated content. From our question and answer modules, to our reviews we make it easy for customers to leave UGC and thus become brand advocates. Make User Generated Content a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Find out more about trustr features.