People trust

Trust me, I’m a Stanger

The Public’s faith in strangers is greater than many professions or businesses. This People Trust is powerful. What does this mean for your business?

Liars, damned liars, and Politicians

According to an Ipsos Mori poll* of the general public Politician’s were regarding the least trustworthy with only 21% of respondents stating they would trust them to tell the truth. Government Ministers did better but only by 1%. Astonishing this was well below others groups habitually the butt of jokes over their perceived elasticity with the truth. Estate Agents and Journalists would be believed by 25%, Builders by 42% and Lawyers by a credible 51%.

The Man or Woman on the Street

While highly respected professions like Doctors (89%), Teachers (86%) and Judges (80%) scored highly (along with Hairdressers (69%) oddly enough). The ordinary man or woman on the street, a complete stranger, would be trusted by 68% of those interviewed, to tell the truth.

Now, this is interesting for businesses who want to use feedback and reviews from their customers. Because anything which can genuinely boost your credibility helps people trust your business. The general public are willing to accept the word of a complete stranger.

Interestingly this is born out in academic research Cornell University where strangers even had a financial incentive to cheat. Most participants still trusted strangers.

Trusting others is what people think they should do,” says David Dunning, professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. “Our experiments show that emotions…may account for much of the ‘excessive trust’ observed between strangers every day.

People Trust; How to harness it?

Using reviews on your website, therefore, is an effective way to generate trust in your business. As your customers have no incentive to leave positive comments, and by using a third party consumers know that this feedback is not faked. In fact, businesses who integrate a third party review and feedback system usually report increased sales conversions. Because trust sells.

trustr can help you build credibility with potential customers through harnessing the real genuine experiences of your customers.

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*Ipsos Mori Poll 2016, based on a sample of 990 adults.