Dynamic content

3 reasons why you need dynamic content on your website

The text, photos and video you put on your website are the content. Most of your website is static, content which you put there. But adding dynamic content, constantly updating user-generated content (UGC),  adds real benefit to your websites.

Dynamic Content vs Static Content

Most of your website is readable by software employed by search engines, these are called bots, web bots, or crawlers. Their purpose is to create an index of information about your website. The search engines uses these indexes of your website to find search results which are as relevant to the search as possible.

There are of course many aspects to the software (called algorithms) and how they rank a website. The actual code is secret because they want to avoid people gaming their systems. But there are broad aspects which it is clear affect your website. The content on your website is the single most important aspect of how your website ranks for any particular keyword.

The Search Engines business model is based on attracting users to use the search engine by providing results which match what the user is looking for. Thus, sites that match up will do better in the long term, but the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, also like sites which provide a good user experience.

  1. Search Engines like it Fresh

    As mentioned previously Search Engines look for websites which give their users a good experience will be ranked higher. Imagine a shop which does not change it’s products, store layout or anything else. You would hardly expect an exceptional experience, well search engines tend to look at websites in a similar way, a website with fresh content will be regarded better than a website which no one has bothered to update recently.
    Dynamic content is just that, dynamic, constantly updating, fresh content all of the time.

2. Consumers: Talking their language

No doubt you are an expert in your field, you know all the technical jargon and can talk at length on any subject in your field. Often consumers are not experts. User-generated content is great in this regards, as consumers talk the language of consumers. They will think of phases and turns of phrase which you as an expert may not think of. These are long tail keywords can drive valuable traffic to your website, you can learn more about Long Tail Keywords.

Harnessing the power of User Generated Content can reap very real rewards.

3. Rule of the Robots and why they like Dynamic Content

As mentioned previously search engines send automated software called Bots to index your site (so-called crawling). A site which Search Engines think is low value does not get crawled very often. A site which is constantly being updated is Crawled more often. You see this with news websites. These are constantly crawled so that news stories are updated quickly on search engines. Dynamic content on your website will increase the frequency of crawls and speed up the times it takes for new content, be it new products, blog posts or photos are seen on search engines.


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