How Trustr deals with your content

User-generated content (UGC) is valuable to your website. Search engines like it as it’s fresh & dynamic, often packed with long tail keywords it improves the user experience and thus search engines are likely to boost your rankings. But how best to make use of it.

Content; Is someone stealing yours?

User Generated Content is so valuable that many companies who help collect UGC, don’t actually let you get the full benefit. They keep the benefit for themselves.

Search engines don’t like duplicate copy on different sites. This opens the question as to which site should the search engine direct people to? At worst some sites can get a ranking penalty for duplicate copy.

It’s good practice to link any duplicate to the original copy or at least the content you want to be found. Search engines take the links as the signal to what content the search engine should display.

That is the issue with many companies who help you collect UGC. They keep your UGC on their website. It may not be technically theft, but it’s not working for your benefit. Your website won’t get the ranking boost and the long tail keywords which UGC helps create won’t be associated with pages on your website.

What can you do to maximise the benefit of user-generated content?

At trustr we designed our system from the point of view of our clients. Hence we load all the user generated content on our client’s website. The UCG is also displayed on the trustr website so that visitors can authentic the feedback & reviews. But crucially trustr links to the original UGC on your website. It clearly shows the search engines which site is the original and which site should be ranked for the relevant keywords.

While it would be great to use our clients UGC to boost the website this is not in our client’s interest. We put our clients first.

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