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Requesting Amazon Reviews

Requesting Amazon reviews can have a high return on investment. As reviews on Amazon can make or break your sales on one of the most important sales channels.

In the US Amazon now accounts for 4% of all retail sales both online and offline. In the UK it accounts for an estimated 16% of all online sales. It is a major force in retail and not only as a retailer it is a marketplace for other products.

How to build your product’s profile

While using the Amazon Marketplace to sell your products means you don’t need to worry about the site as much as your own website. It still pays to make effort with your product listing. Excellent high definition photos, clear products, and descriptions help you stand out. But careful thought of getting the right keywords is vital.

Amazon also allows customers (and non customers) to leave reviews.

Fake reviews on Amazon

Amazon have put in a lot of effort to stamp out fake reviews but it was only a short time ago many of the reviews had disclaimers stating they had received a free item or payment in return for the review. You can see how people who are effectively paid to review have an incentive to leave a good review not a truthful one.

A major problem which is hard to detect is rivals leaving negative reviews to push down your products. It may be a one-off event so hard for Amazon to detect.

Getting your real customers to leave lots of truthful and genuine reviews, means that the harm of the few negatives are negated.

trustr and Amazon feedback

trustr integrates with Amazon to reach out to your customers in the Amazon Marketplace. Using the anonymous emails provided by Amazon we can send personalised emails requesting Amazon reviews. 

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Did you know? The Amazon logo has what looks like a smile on it. Look again and you can see it connects A to Z.