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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Trustr work for me?

If you are committed to your customers then yes, feedback systems typically increase click through rates by up to 17% & conversions when people are on your page.

Can I get stars on my Google Shopping listings?

Yes, we are partnered with all the major search engines to ensure the feedback is picked up and used by them.

Is there a SEO benefit?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making your website a great experience for users. Adding user generated content is great as it keeps updating and keeps your website fresh.

How long are your contacts?

After any initial period you can cancel with one months notice.

How good is your support?

We aim to have any issue responded to and fixed within 24 hours big or small. We use Trustr to rate our support, you can see our feedback here!

What is your policy of feedback?

Please see our policy on editing responses. In sort we will only edit or exclude feedback if it is offensive, the feedback is only worth collecting if people trust it. We will not remove negative feedback just because it’s negative.

I already use a feedback service, can I transfer in my existing feedback?

If it is a trusted service and dependent on the terms of conditions form your existing supplier then we are happy to transfer in your existing feedback.

Can I get alerts when we receive feedback?

Yes we can automate a lot of work for you. You can tailor alerts, receive SMS, and automate pushing out the feedback to Social Media.

Other questions?

We're always available at [email protected]