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Feedback Policy

General Information

The core of Trustr is that we are to be a trust worth source of feedback and reviews. Therefore under no circumstances will feedback or reviews be edited, deleted or otherwise not displayed except in limited circumstances outlined below. We encourage all our clients to set up processes and systems to resolve any issues swiftly and to mutual satisfaction and to write a response using our right of reply. See our tips for avoiding negative feedback.

Right of Reply

All our clients can respond to any feedback at any time, these responses will be shown along side the original feedback. Taking responsibly for an error demonstrates that your business is committed to customer satisfaction. Even betting is your customer adding a new post to state how it has been resolved.

Policy on editing and censorship

Trustr reserves the right to edit or delete posts under the following circumstances

  1. All posts which contain a link to a URL (this is to protect users from malicious links) only the link will be deleted
  2. Posts which are spam where the post is makes no reference to the product or service the feedback or review relates to AND is promoting a non related subject
  3. Any post which contain expletives
  4. Any posts which contain racist, homophobic, sexist or other threatening language
  5. Posts which name an individual or an address other than the business address
  6. Where a threat has been made to leave feedback if a demand has not been met where the company or individual involved has been able to provide a valid Crime Number issued by the police
  7. Where a court order has been made to remove a post

Trustr & Intelligent Interactions ltd reserve the right to amend this policy at any time and retrospectively, all changes to be notified through this page.