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Community based real Feedback & Reviews, uncensored and made by genuine customers.

Trustr Features


The Core of Trustr is our Feedback system. Using email & SMS we contact your customers to gain real feedback from just those who have purchased from you. These feedback are compiled to give you an overall rating which you can display on your webpage and social media. Customers just need to click to verify.

Feedback is a powerful message to potential customers that you can be trusted. Our software will ensure that your rating is fed into search engine and shopping comparison sites.

Stars in your ratings

Showcase your commitment to excellence using the most trusted source, real customers. Trustr can convert their feedback into ratings & reviews which will appear in your search results both paid & organic increasing click through rates and onsite conversions and reducing costs.


The individual products and services which you sell also get their own reviews. We also ask your customers for their rating of these independent of their feedback of you. This way each product builds up its own feedback, which can be displayed on the product page on your website or syndicated out to other websites. We can even aggregate reviews on the same product from different sources.

The Personal Touch

If you are looking at Trustr we know you are passionate about your business and passionate about delivering for your customers. Let your customers see that passion with a short video to thank them for leaving feedback, offer to fix any issues tell them how to contact you. Fixing something which has gone wrong can show customers how much you care for them and they in turn can tell others.

Like your company page on the Trustr website, all our emails and SMSs are customisable and a great way of offering future discounts, upselling products, or inviting customers to sign up to mailing lists.

Why Choose Trustr

Real Feedback

We collect real honest feedback from companies, we display it without editing or censoring to help consumers make the right decisions.


The feedback is used to generate a rating, based on 5 stars it shows how a company delivers on it’s customer’s expectations.


We collect reviews on products and services. Allowing consumers to get a clearer idea on how real people have found that product.

Build Trust into your brand

A brand is more than just a name and logo, it is the essence of what your business is. Partner with Trustr and you will demonstrate to all that happy customers is your priority and help you stand out from your competitors.

Build your reviews on Amazon

Ratings and Reviews are critical to sales on Amazon. Use Trustr to help you request feedback from your customers. More ratings, more trust, more sales.Learn More.