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Privacy Policy

As of August 2017

What data do you hold about me?

If you have made a purchase from one of our clients, or come to our website, social media or Apps and left a review, or left a review on a third-party system which we have an agreement in place we may hold data about you.

Typically, this will be information about your order, Your name, address, telephone number, email address.

If you sign in using certain social media platforms or share it with us we may have collected your gender, and age range.

Electronic identity data such as IP addresses may be collected.

Why do we hold it?

Trustr is a feedback and review platform for other companies. We use your data to contact you to collect these.

We also collect additional demographic data. This is used to generate information for our clients. We do not hold this data matched against a specific individual, it is held at a macro level.

To ensure that our systems are not abused we may from time to time collect computer ID records such as IP addresses.If not required to pursue legal action relating to abuse these will be deleted after 9 months.

Can I view data about me?

Yes, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond within 10 working days with any data we hold about you. We may request proof if identity before releasing any data. We do not charge for this.

Can I amend data about me?

Yes you have a right to correct any information which is wrong please email us at [email protected]

Can I have my information deleted?

Unless required for legal action relating to suspected abuse of our systems (typically the posting of fake reviews), we are happy to delete any information about you that you request. Please email [email protected] You can also opt out of receiving emails from us in the future should you make another purchase from a company who uses our services.

Data Security

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that your data is secure, this includes only storing the data in the EEA, that the database(s) have secure access and a list of personal who has access is kept. All staff are trained about security.

Data Transfer out of the European Economic Area

From time to time, staff and/or contractors may access our data bases from outside the EEA. It is the policy of Intelligent Interactions that all data be stored within the EEA.