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Trust Score

The trustrscore™ is a simple, easy to understand score to show how other genuine verified customers have found the experience of the company.

What Is the trustrscore™ & how it works

trustrscore™ is a number from 1 through to 5. The higher the score the better previous customers have rated their experience. Although we cannot predict the future a high score normally results in a satisfactory buying experience.

Minimum Criteria

Companies must have a minimum of 15 feedbacks.

How the Score is Calculated

trustrscore™ is an adjusted mean. This means we take all the feedback and remove the top 10% best scores and the bottom 10% worst scores, and take the average of the 80% in the middle. We do this so that it is much more difficult to game the score by paying for reviews or to pretend to be customer of yourself, or a rival company trying to damage the reputation.

Having a score which is genuine and honest is the core of our business. We don’t exclude feedback, edit or censor. We are here to help customers find great companies and for great companies to shine.